About Us

Wyrta is a digitally native news and information outlet, born in 2015, for the internet dependent generation of Jaintia Hills. We publish Jaiñtia Hills centric news and information from across the state and the country in English and Pnar. Pnar because of the need for the Pnar language to carve a niche in the global web-space as its speakers are spreading internationally. The website is built primarily for the devices closest at hand: tablets and mobile phones without forgetting the importance of personal computers and laptops.

Our coverage of this new digital age is rooted in the importance of disseminating correct and factual information to meet the need of a farmer to a pensioner. Useful information for students and job seekers. For travelers seeking new places to explore and for explorers who wants their adventures to be known. Reporting the politics, celebrations and sorrow of Jaintia Hills to those far and near from home by those in the know.

We embrace the opportunity to create a newsroom that is wholly focused on digital storytelling. We view the creation of Wyrta as just the beginning of an ongoing process in discovering the best ways to report and deliver information online. As we build Wyrta, we are focused on the touchscreen and mobile devices that increasingly dominate our lives. Our design is device oriented and optimizes itself depending on the device in use.

In all that we do at Wyrta, we embrace openness: an open newsroom, and open access to the data behind our journalism. We’ll try to be as transparent with you as possible about the decisions we make and where we are headed.