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The Catalyst : Time for a change


When we were taught in our science subject in school, we learned that a Catalyst is a substance that increases the speed of chemical reaction, without changing itself after undergoing any change to it. Well that is how changes begin to happen in our district.

Recently when the new DC was appointed, he happened to be a non-tribal, his presence rejuvenated an age old working culture which has brought change to the whole district of West Jaiñtia Hills. He implemented, introduced, brought new ideas, lifted up and gave hope to the citizens of the district that awoken people from their slumber that has been an obstacle to change.

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The DC did not make a good impression on the public particularly with last year’s incident where he was publicly criticized on how he handled the students issue among other things. Time seems to have healed all wounds judging from the recent rumors of his removal and the public support for him to stay as the DC.

The public opinion both from the local residents and pressure groups cried foul to the news and protested. This is in sharp contrast to the public opinion of him which shows that deep down the citizens know that they needed someone like him.

The news of his impending transfer doesn’t seem to bother him at all, but instead he kept on coming up with more solutions to clean up and revive the district as a whole.

His visions and ideas for the district were ambitious and most of the projects in the district were executed. If the DC can do so much in a year, why haven’t our so called political representatives been able to initiate and fulfill their election promises in their respective constituency?

It can be accepted that he has brought a lot of changes to this Untrodden Town and its surrounding villages, whereby he has cleared pending and stagnant projects by motivating his officers to realize them. For a long time we learned that what seems impossible before seems possible now. Projects are projected to be completed on time; appointment of eligible candidates for the right job seems to be a possibility.

His direct interaction with the masses and understanding local issues at the same time giving them the courage to make themselves heard and to stand up for their causes have won the people’s heart.

Maybe it is time we change our mindset and give credit where credit is due disregarding a person’s caste, creed and culture.

Maybe it is time we treat each other equally as human beings instead of classifying ourselves into clusters of humanity that prefers being segregated to bring change.

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