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Containment order of 6 villages in East Jaiñtia Extended till Wednesday

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Khliehriat: The District Magistrate, East Jaintia Hill District has informed the general public that the Health & Family Welfare Department, East Jaintia Hills District has requested the District Administration to extend the declaration of 6 villages-Khliehriat East, Khliehriat West, Dkhiah East, Deinchynrum, Sookilo and Mookympad as containment areas so as to restrict to complete contact tracing of all high risk contacts and low risk contacts of the index cases for another 75 hours.

Therefore, the District Magistrate has extended the declaration for all 6 villages-Khliehriat East, Khliehriat West, Dkhiah East, Deinchynrum, Sookilo and Mookympad as containment areas so as to restrict unregulated entry and exit movement on site with the following measures for due compliance by the public with effect from 6:00 AM of the 27th of July, 2020 till 6:00 AM of the 29th of July, 2020 in the interest and safety of public, to complete contact tracing of high risk contacts and low risk contacts as well as to contain any transmission of COVID-19.

According to the Order, no person/public will be allowed to move into the containment area and inhabitants within the Containment area should not move out, all inhabitants within the containment area shall strictly remain inside their homes. No gathering, events, functions, whatsoever of any nature and firms will be allowed and no social, political, religious or economic activities are allowed. Additionally, all shopping establishments of whatsoever nature shall be closed and ensured for compliance through various teams formed by the District Administration. All Government and Private Institutions located within the boundary of the containment area are closed forthwith, till further orders.

The District Magistrate also informed that the Block Development Officer, Khliehriat Block/Incident Commander of (Executive Magistrate i/c Khliehriat PHC) will be the Supervising Officer of the Containment areas under the supervision of the Addl. Deputy Commissioners, East Jaiñtia Hills District.

However, exemption is granted for the Office of the Deputy Commissioner including all officers and staffs having valid Car Passes to enter the DC office Complex, the Office of the Superintendent of Police East Jaintia Hills District and all police officers, police personnel for enforcement of the declared containment area, traffic control and Law & Order, DRDA Office, BDO Office, Office of the District Public Relations Officer, MePDCL Office, PHE Office and Swatch Bharat Mission Office as well as laying of water supply pipes at Dkhiah West and Dkhiah East. Also exempted from the order are canteens at Old DC office Building to cater to the quarantine centres and the DC office, National Highway-6 for essential services, Emergency services, District Contact Teams, CHC and PHC  Khliehriat,  Medical Officers, Medical Front Line Workers, PWD Road NEC Office and PWD NEC Road from Khliehriat to Saipung area, Bank & ATM’s, Fishery Office, Veterinary Office, Horticulture Office, Agriculture Office, Water Resource Office, Social Welfare Office, Metrology Office, Forest Office, DSEO and SDSEO Office, ICDS and DCPO office, DCIC Centre and all other State and Central Government Offices

The order also states that in order to enable members of the public to purchase essential food items the following business establishment are allowed to open from 9: AM to 4PM on the 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th of July, 2020 in the entire 6 villages namely Khliehriat East, Khliehriat West, Dkhiah East, Deinchynrum, Sookilo and Mookympad that were declared as containment areas.

The business establishment permitted to open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on the 27th , 28th, 29th  and 30th  of July, 2020 includes all Fair Price Shop under NFSA and Non-NFSA for disbursement of rice, all ration shops dealing in food items like rice, dal, potato, onion, oil, sugar, tea, salt, soap and other food items. Also permitted to open on the aforementioned dates and timings are pharmacies. Petrol pump at Deinchynrum shall be open from 7:00AM to 4:00 PM.

In addition, the public are requested to strictly maintain social distancing of at least 2 meter (6 feet) and to wear mask is mandatory, to avoid overcrowding in one area/ shop and not to spit in public places. The public should cooperate with the arrangement made by the District Administration, District police and Headman.

The District Magistrate also stated that any violations of this order shall entail prosecution under the penal provision of Disaster Management Act, 2005 and relevant provisions of the IPC.

This order shall come into force with immediate effect from the 6:00 AM of the 27th July, 2020, until further orders.

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