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EVM machines upgraded with tracking technology

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Shillong : The Joint Secretary, Election Department & Joint Chief Electoral Officer, Meghalaya has informed that as per instructions of Election Commission of India, all the EVMs in the State are to immediately initiate stock taking using mobile technology.

A pilot exercise was successfully initiated for 330 numbers of Balloting Unit (BU) and for 288 numbers of Control Unit (CU), each in West Jaintia Hills District wherein each of these machines have been tagged with bar codes, and subsequently mobile phones have been used to upload information and unique ID of each and every EVM. Thereafter, the same was uploaded to a mobile application linked to a server located at Election Commission. Further, images of each EVM were captured and uploaded for transmission to the central server for effecting stock taking and tracking of EVMs.

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In this regard, a State-Level training was held today, the 24th June, 2016, for all the Election officials of the 11 Districts along with the technical personnel at the office of the Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills in the presence of Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Shri. F R Kharkongor, Additional CEO, Shri. W Khyllep, Jt. CEO, Shri. T. Lyngwa and Deputy Commissioner, Shri. P.S. Dkhar.

In the opening remarks, both CEO and Addl. CEO impressed upon the participating officials on the importance of the above exercise as a means and a measure to further strengthen EVM tracking and stock taking by applying appropriate technology with a view to better election management. They also informed that all Districts are to ensure that the entire exercise should be completed within July 16, 2016 as per ECI instructions.

On the occasion, a special information booklet was released containing the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on National Electoral Roll Purification (NERP) and prepared for wide dissemination and circulation amongst Booth Level Officials (BLOs) and other stakeholders. This is part of the intensive NERP programme which has been launched in the State, to rectify inaccuracies and errors in the Electoral Roll, with the overall objective of paving the way for healthy Electoral Rolls which is a prerequisite for free and fair elections. (MIPR)

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