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Standard Operating Procedures issued for people entering Meghalaya


Shillong: In view of the pandemic situation arising out of COVID-19 and the need to ensure re-entry of persons stranded outside the north eastern states, the Commissioner and Secretary to the Government of Meghalaya, Health and Family Welfare Department in an order issued on 20th May, 2020 has informed that the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) has been issued for people entering Meghalaya from outside the north eastern states.

The standard operating procedures states that all people coming from outside the State should pre-register themselves on http://meghalayonline.gov.in/covid/selfregistration and those who  have not  pre-registered themselves should registered at the entry point through the Web App https://coronamegh.cdfi.co.in.

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All persons who enter the State at the designated entry points will be scanned by infrared thermometer or thermal scanner to detect body temperature.

All persons who come from high risk areas where transport is facilitated by the State shall be tested by Rapid Antibody Test Kits and RT-PCR and Pool testing method would be used, and if pool test is positive, retesting of the individual samples is to be done by RT-PCR/CBNAAT.

All persons shall be kept in institutional quarantine in their respective districts until test results arrive and in case of space constraints, they shall be sent for home quarantine after sampling.

All persons coming in private vehicles to the state from outside of north eastern region shall be sampled for RT-PCR at the entry point district and sent for home quarantine and sampling can be done either at quarantine, corona care centres or at facilities as designated by the districts and if the test result is negative, these persons shall be sent home for quarantine, however, if the test result is positive, the protocol dated 28th March, 2020 for COVID positive cases shall be followed.

All persons coming from outside the state should mandatorily undergo home quarantine for 14 days, using the home quarantine diary and additional 14 days of self-reporting would be done by them. During this period they should remain indoors and if they require any emergency movement, they should wear a mask and follow the three commandments given in the self­ reporting diary.

All persons under home quarantine will be monitored by district surveillance team, community COVID management team (CCMT).

All persons under home quarantine should enter their daily health status in the diary provided and they can also enter the health status of their family members in this diary and if they find any symptoms for themselves or their family members, they shall report to 108 or contact district helpline number given in the diary.

The designated monitoring team set up by the respective district or any selected member of CCMT will visit those under quarantine on a daily basis. The team will use a Web App https://coronamegh.cdfi.co.in which is GPS enabled, thus helping in tracking the movement of the monitoring team and ensuring that they visit all the houses allotted to them.

All those who are under quarantine and symptomatic shall be tested through RT-PCR and the monitoring team will also assess the psychological state of those under home quarantine and ensure counseling support. While monitoring for COVID symptoms, the team should also check for any other viral infections such Measles-Rubella, SARI, ILI like symptoms.

The data from this App will be used for analysis at the district and the state levels on a daily basis and the phone numbers of all those entering the State shall be put for geo-fencing and SMS warning will be sent to those who break the quarantine.

The SOPs also stated that persons who develop any symptoms in the 14 days quarantined period would be tested using RT-PCR test and those who test positive shall be handled as per the COVID positive patient handling protocol of the Government of Meghalaya.



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