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State Reservation Policy: An Illusionary approach

By: O.R. Shallam, Panaliar, Jowai

Reservation policy has always been a policy framed to befit the local residents or the tribal that belongs to one of the three tribes in Meghalaya. Throughout the years the policy has been applicable in education, employments and other allied areas for all the deserving and eligible front runners in the tribe. The policy was a dream come true though for the middle class as well as the under privileged candidates residing in the state in the previous years with the limited number of districts.

However, with the growing number of 12 Districts in the state whereby Khasi and Jaintia accounts for a total of 7 (Seven) districts and Garo Hills comprising of 5 (five) district, the 40% and 40% reservation policy seems more like a discrimination and bias act amongst the tribes. With the politician already taking control and playing the string of the reservation policy especially in employment areas with most of the government vacancies being filled by them through their ‘Political appointment mode’ exploiting their political power, the well deserving candidate belonging from  middle class and underprivileged class however are usually losing the race both in rights and in luck.

High unemployment rate in the state surge drastically with years, competition in both education and employment via the reservation policy has most of the time left the candidates with nothing but hopeless and despair. Our Garo brothers and sisters are somehow doing well with their 40% share of the policy even though politics do played their part aggressively whereas Khasi and Jaintia have to compete amongst them for a meagre 40% which is a big stumbling block that usually leaves the much deserving youth with nothing but a game for the politician to play. Why such injustice has to exist?   

Whereas the state is about to celebrate its 50th statehood, do the youth of this millennia have to compete amongst each other through the out-dated reservation policy that gives politicians an utmost power to influence? Let me ask the youth of today, don’t you think that an open competition is much fair and much justified for everyone? I personally urge all the legislators of Khasi and Jaintia Hills along with the various NGO’s, student movements to fight for the implementation of a new policy that gives equal reservation and attention to Khasi, Jaintia and Garo and unlock the main door for an open competition amongst the youth of the three tribes so that the fittest and the brilliant minds prevails and the future of our community and the state as a whole is safeguard. 

As a concerned citizen, I personally do not wish to witness our young and talented minds ending being unemployed and fall prey to the present failed reservation policy. It is a matter of great concern that the government have not come up with any alternatives to address the issues that concern the future of our younger generation. Justice has to be served, fair play has to be adapted and an open competition is the best solution for the youth in both educations and employments. 

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