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The Garbage Endemic

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By: OR Shallam, Panaliar, Jowai.

The MDA Government is one government who has made record after records of constant failure and incompetence facing questions and criticism from every section in the State. Within a span of 3 years of its term, the government has brought the state administrative reforms to the level that policies amended and implemented are of business in nature rather than that of development perspective. It may not be wise for me to pin point the lack of development and infrastructure almost in every basic and necessity amenities in the other parts of the state but this one is particularly a matter of great concern in the West Jaintia Hills town of Jowai. The matter every residents and citizen in the area are currently finding as a chronic headache to think and talk about – the matter of the failed waste management plan.

The current scenario of ‘No Place to Dump’ the waste/garbage and litter produced every day from the town has put everyone at risk of health and sanitary issue. Every household is facing the problems as the amount of domestic garbage pile up every day. Besides facing the chaotic and stressful pandemic, Jowai has another tense discomfort to deal with. The local MLA who failed to attend to his primary and conceptual developmental duties of ‘What the resident really in needs of’ but seems to be busy with his personal agenda. The Government through the Jowai Municipal Board has failed the residents of Jowai town. The JMB has garbage trucks to collect the waste from every localities but do not have a place to dump the same.

If you even notice this, Mr. Chief Minister and Mr Urban Minister and of course Mr. Local MLA, what have we the residents of Jowai town even done to you that we deserve to live and breathe with the stinking garbage? What are you doing now to cleanse our houses our streets and our spaces free from rubbish and waste?

The town is currently set to celebrate the Annual Behdieṅkhlam State Festival commencing from the 8th to 11th July 2021 and yet the garbage endemic is hitting us. Are we to show the world that the religious festival be performed alongside the town streets filled with garbage and rubbish? Are we to observe the true meaning of the festival with all our homes and premises filled with garbage bags piling up?

The Government needs to immediately resolve and ease the discomfort of which every household is now experiencing. Playing business games for political interest and gains in the name of development is the oldest trick in the book, Mr. Chief Minister and Mr. Urban Minster and Mr. Local MLA, do clean the mess caused by your irresponsible and your unconcerned attitude towards the public or else the public will very soon clean your name out of the Assembly itself.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of this organisation.

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