The Hide & Seek Mobile Phone Network

By: Kerlang Ksoo, Dkhiah West Village, East Jaintia Hills District

The latest development in our lifestyle that has become a new trend for us human to suffer is the ‘Hide and Seek’ game being played with our mobile phones by various service providers irrespective of their exceptional and super fine claims in their network services endorsements, but they are not only exploiting the general public of their daily expenses by hiking the tariff plans particularly prepaid plans by delivering a fragile and infuriating service even in the urban neighborhood and worst in the rural areas.

Perhaps, it is a matter of utmost irritation when at all times the mobile phone network which has become the daily basic necessities of everyone has turned into something that often cheesed off the mood and end up yelling at one self unnecessarily. With the telecom services providers hiking the tariff plans especially the prepaid plans for the reasons best known to them, it is something that cannot be easily accepted particularly when the network services rendered do not at all meet one’s need and expectations.

Does the regulation in the rate hiking benefit the public at all? Being a mere layman in the field of telecommunication sciences, I may lack the expertise of analyzing the scale of audibility in my mobile phone signals that I may receive and provided for the amount and tariff rate I was paying which is inclusive of all taxes too. But does that mean I am stripped off of my rights of getting good networking services as a consumer? I am currently residing in an urban residential area along with the poor and unpleasant mobile network and to think of those friends in rural areas, I am very sure the experience will be much bitter. When the world has moves into a 5G network, do we however go back to 2G phase?   

With the mobile phones becoming part of our life, failure to provide good networking services does not only alters one’s lifestyle but however directly affect other sphere of life whether its health, education or other developments. As a concerned citizen, I urged the government to intervene and address the issue with the concerned services providers in the state so that mobile phones servicing meet the needs of the general population rather than causing undesired vexation and annoyance when one has paid the bills in full!

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