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Unacceptable Act!

By: Kerlang Ksoo, Dkhiah West, EJHD

The 7th December 2021 is a historic day for the people of Jaintia Hills District with the inauguration of the JHADC Court building for the judiciary to upgrade its judicial services in a much improved and refined environment for the people of the region. The auspicious and much needed building of the court is indeed a dream come true for the legal fraternity of the Council.

The inauguration programme on that day was set to commence at 11AM sharp, whereas guests and invitees were being assisted to be seated at an appropriate timing before the starting time. I being one of the many invitees from near and far have been occupying my seat amongst the others on the dot. Ludicrously, all of us were left with amazement and ended up bearing the body strain and muscle cramps waiting for the organisers to start the day. When enquired, it was revealed that the programme is awaiting the arrival the chief guest. Two hours passed and everyone’s attention has turned blurry and out comes the honourable Chief Guest arriving at the venue only at 1PM! Such irritation and distressing act by anyone is very much unacceptable. 

As a concerned citizen of the region and a responsible advocate by profession, I could not just take in the situation but to share out my views and opinion of that very day. It is such a shame that the politician being in power not only suppresses but dominates the very virtue and morality of being called Public Representative’. Not even knowing to respect the public’s patience and time is something one should be held accountable for. Is this how the JHADC is being treated by the politician?

Ironically, the programme was being attended by politicians, bureaucrats, traditional heads and the lot, but for reasons best known to the organisers, not even a single face to represent the Honourable High Court of Meghalaya is to be seen when the occasion itself is judiciary in nature. Is the judicial system in our JHADC being run merely by politics whereby the fundamental judicial ethics are being neglected? It is all down the drain if the working principles and ideology of the council does not mirror concepts and essence of discipline and punctuality.       

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