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CM inaugurates new Nengmandalgre PHC building at Williamnagar

The new Nengmandalgre PHC building at Williamnagar wa inaugurated by the Chief Minister, Conrad K. Sangma today in the presence of MP Lok Sabha, Tura Constituency, Agatha K Sangma, MLAs Marcuise Marak, and Jim Sangma and MDC Denang T Sangma and other dignitaries.

Under Group I, the sanction was at a cost of Rs. 2,60,66,181, the scope of work included the construction of the main building, including sanitary installations, internal and external water supply, and internal electrification of the building. For Group II, the sanction was for Rs. 3,21,97,098 with the scope of work being the construction of 2 MO Quarters, 2 storied and 4 units of Staff Quarters and 2 units and 2 numbers of Grade IV Quarters inclusive of sanitary installations, internal and external water supply, and internal electrification of the same.

Chief Minister dedicated the Nengmandalgre PHC to the people of the area stating, “The construction and upgradation of healthcare facilities in the Districts has been the mandate of the MDA Government since its inception. The PHC will cater to the people of several villages across the Simsang river in Williamnagar town and will immensely help the villagers and patients in rural areas to have access to basic medical treatment”.

Chief Minister added, “As announced last year, the Government is committed to improving public health infrastructure across the State and the investment of Rs. 75 Crores to upgrade PHCs & CHCs will tremendously help our endeavour”.

On external and GoI aid, the Chief Minister said, “The sanction of Rs. 500 Cr by the 15th Finance Commission and the Rs. 350 Cr by World Bank will go a long way in uplifting the health infrastructure in Meghalaya. We dedicate all our efforts to our people”.

Tura Lok Sabha MP, Agatha K Sangma informed that the increase of Union Health budget by 10000 Cr this year will enable the creation of better healthcare facilities and infrastructure in Garo Hills as well. She praised the Chief Minister for his concerted effort to improve health infrastructure in the State and for his concern for the welfare of the people.

Addressing the gathering, Williamnagar MLA, Marcuise Marak hailed praises for the Chief Minister and said, “Our Hon’ble Chief Minister is a farsighted leader, who is working tirelessly to ensure growth and development across the State. The Government is committed to addressing the concerns and problems of its people”.

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