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Foundation laid for construction of two PMGSY roads in East Garo Hills including 9 bridges

The Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Conrad K Sangma today attended the laying of the foundation for the construction of the Nengmandalgre to Daribokre (Mandalgre) road and the construction of the Cherangre to Sisobibra (Nengmandalgre to Gitokgre) road.

For the 35 km Nengmandalgre to Daribokre (Mandalgre) road, the project includes the construction of 7 bridges with a sanction amount of Rs. 70,55,90,100 connecting 11 habitations-Dorengkigre, Patrenggre, Rongchek Chambugong, Dorakgre, Ampanggre (Sandi), Bandigre, and Mandalgre with a population of 1570 (Census 2011). The target for the completion of the project is September 2021.

The construction work of the 7.82 km Cherangre to Sisobibra (Nengmandalgre to Gitokgre) road includes the construction of two bridges with a sanction amount of Rs. 12,06,51,400, connecting 8 habitations- Chachatgre, Chachat Jangkegre, Chachat Karubibra, Jakopgre, Bolkinggre, Ganinggre, Sisobibra and Gitokgre with a population of 2153 (Census:2011). The project is proposed to complete by September 2021.

On the concerted efforts of the Government, the Chief Minister said, “We are intensifying our efforts to undertake and complete several ambitious road projects in the State for the welfare of the people with the sanctions from GoI for the improvement of road infrastructure in the State”.

In his closing remarks, the Chief Minister stated, “The MDA Government has been aggressively pursuing its agenda of development. These projects are testimony of the Government’s commitment to the people and not just an election gimmick”.

The MLAs and MDC present in the occasion lauded their praises to the MDA Government for its efforts to develop and transform Meghalaya.

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