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GSU irked by irregularities in appointment of lecturers in Garo Hills
Why are Garo lecturers not being appointed in State Govt. Colleges outside Garo Hills? : GSU

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Tura : In a letter to the Minister of Education Dr. R.C. Laloo, the GSU CEC has alleged that even though many qualified Garos have cleared their NET Exams, they’re still left looking for jobs in colleges across the state.

The GSU pointed out the case of Jojrang G.D. Shira who was a Physics lecturer on a contractual basis at Tura Government College, but is now appointed as a lecturer at the College of Teachers Education, Tura. The Union claims that Shira does not hold an M.Ed Degree.

Shri. Jojrang G.D. Shira, was a Physics Lecturer in Tura Govt. College. He has been a lecturer on contractual basis at the Tura Govt. College for a long time. He has now been appointed as a lecturer to the College of Teachers Education, Tura. The Union also pointed out that an M.Ed Degree is mandatory to become a lecturer in such an institute. It is also alleged that Shira did not do his B.Ed but he is still appointed as a lecturer.

The GSU also claims that he did not even apply for 3(f) in the College of Teacher Education, Tura but had applied for the same in the Tura Govt. College.

The GSU further alleged that Smt. Damaya-Iaka Grace Suiam, a lecturer in English, has been appointed at the Tura Govt. College in place of the Retd. Vice-Principal of the college, Smt P.M. Marak, who was an Economics Lecturer.

As it stands now, there are two vacant posts in the Economics Dept. in the Tura Govt. College and instead of appointing an Economics lecturer, an English lecturer has been appointed which means the vacant post in the Economics Department is yet to be filled.

According to the GSU, “There are Khasi and Jaintia lecturers in the Govt. Colleges of Garo Hills. Garo Hills has always welcomed quality lecturers but the only problem is, most of them obtain a transfer to Kiang Nangbah Govt. College, as though the Govt. colleges of Garo Hills are a doorway to regularised appointments. There are only sprinklings or one or two Garo lecturers in Sohra Govt. College and none in Kiang Nangbah Govt. College. Why are Garo lecturers not being appointed in State Govt. Colleges outside Garo Hills?”

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