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Meghalaya Bharat Scouts and Guides celebrates Founder’s Day

The Meghalaya Bharat Scouts and Guides (MBSG) today celebrated Founder’s Day and World Thinking Day at its State Headquarters, Shillong, to commemorate the Birth Anniversary of the founder of the Movement, Lord Baden Powell and Lady Baden Powell. The theme for this year’s celebration is Stand Together for Peace. The celebration was attended by P J Bazeley, former Chief Secretary, Meghalaya as the Chief Guest.

In his speech, the Chief Guest said that the vision of the founder of Scouts and Guides was inspiring and praise-worthy because the movement prepares young boys and girls to take on the responsibility to serve the society in a selfless manner. He said the movement is built on the foundation of trust, respect and tolerance and these principles can usher in peace to the world. He expressed hoped that the principles laid down by its founder is inculcated in our daily life so that we can be role models.

Bazeley motivated the young boys and girls to consider their own strength and capabilities and commit themselves to overcome obstacles in life. “Use strength to overcome weakness, opportunities to overcome threats and by doing so you can move to greater heights and be a source of inspiration to others”, he said.

Bazeley also inaugurated a three day workshop on Free Being Me- Action on Body Confidence Workshop for Scouts, Guides, Rovers and Rangers.

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