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One person one post policy is the need of the hour for the education department

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By-OR Shallam, Panaliar, Jowai

As per latest Performance Grading Index (PGI) of the Education Ministry, Government of India for school education, Meghalaya emerged as the state with the lowest scores in infrastructure and facilities domain thus bagging the title ‘Worst Performer in India’. Once upon a time, the state is amongst the best epicenter for school education in the north eastern part of India with a potential for being one of the superior education center in the country. Sadly, every citizen has to witness the downfall of the education system in the state. The pride and esteem of which everyone once has in their sleeve, turned into shame and vexation.

What has the government of Meghalaya been doing all these while? Struggling hard for such collapse? What policy and strategy does the department implemented for such a disgrace? The Chief Minister and the Education Minister claimed that the report released by the Ministry for the past three years is a great thing as it will serve as a tool for the government to analyze the area of improvement so in need. Seriously Mr. Chief Minister and Mr. Education Minister, do you of all people take us the resident of the state as fools who believe in ‘Failed and then Act policy’ like you does?

In fact, the Department structural system itself is a defect. Same bureaucrats are allowed to serve the department for countless years, be it at the directorate level or the secretariat level. The nepotism nature in the administrative appointment in the department from the block level to the district level has greatly contributed to the failure of the education system in the state. Well deserving and promising incumbents are deprived of their rights even with their higher qualifications, towering experiences and knowledge of the area.

District Mission Coordinators who are the sole backbone in the school education at the district level are mostly appointed from college faculties who have already engaged with their primary duties. Thus, holding such office serve as a secondary priorities for them. It is a crucial time that the government analyzes and reviews the administrative reforms from the lowest level to the highest ones. Implementation of ‘One person one post policy’ is a need of the hour.

Schools in rural areas needs to be thoroughly and regularly assess and monitor. Frequent inspection by the concern authority is much in need. Immediate investment of infrastructure and facilities in rural schools and flourishing towns need to be in place. Teachers training programme and allied orientation programme should be extensive. Schools academic syllabus and curricular needs revision and review to upgrade the standard of education

Ironically, post of Principals, Vice Principals in government schools are mostly appointed at political wills and foul play. Teacher teaching at secondary levels with much lesser qualification are promoted to Principal/Vice Principal in higher secondary schools bypassing those senior Assistant Lecturers with much higher qualifications, experiences and knowledge of the demanding administrative task. What such policy the government is playing? Why the government does not spare even the school education from gambling in the state?

Basic amenities in schools needs attention as such facilities are left unattended by the government in most rural schools. Revision of the teachers’ salaries under SSA, RMSA and other adhoc grants must be processed to uplift the spirit and moral of such deserving teachers to enhance their sense of responsibilities and priorities towards their duties.      

With the current worst achievement reported through the PGI, the state government exhibits another milestone of failure. Is the Chief Minister and the Education Minister even aware and understand the shame and the disgrace that the state is currently facing after such report? Three years of constantly achieving failure in governance from illegal coal trafficking issue, pandemic policy making issue, MeECL business issue to education downfall issue of which in short, failure after failure. What next MDA Government?  

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of this organisation.

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