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Why Shillong & Tura always?

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 By: O.R. Shallam, Panaliar, Jowai         

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While the Government of India through the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) on its latest mandate has approved for the sanction of Rs. 6.7 Crores to the Government of Meghalaya for creating Pre-fab building for Corona care facilities in the state to provide extensive care and support to the patients infected with Covd-19.

A heartfelt gratitude to the central government on the initiative of improving the health care infrastructure to combat and mitigate the pandemic as the state has witnessed the surge in the number of infected cases with rising fatalities reported daily.

However, the state government has identified and located the spot for the proposed 100 bedded Pre-fab Corona care centers which like always has to be Shillong and Tura. Ironically, other districts and towns are neglected for the project. Whereas the two location picked by the government are already packed with numerous hospitals and care centers and the other districts are left with the limited existing and poor health care facilities. 

Jaintia Hills region is known to be another worst affected area with death cases reported daily. The existing number of hospitals and care centers currently available in the region is very limiting and combating the pandemic is very challenging. Thus, additional Corona care hospitals and centers are much in need to accommodate the increasing figure of patients.   

What has the seven MLA’s of the region been doing all this while? Weren’t you elected by the people of the region to represent us and to attend to our needs? Is it that your meager donation of free corona cares kits and free food activity to the infected patients in Corona care centers enough for us to fight the pandemic? Are you all showing your true incompetence and ineptitude nature during such hard times?

MLA’s from Jaintia hills regions failed us in our needy times while majority of them are in the government itself. No wonder all of the central projects and assistances are always approved and sanctioned in Shillong and Tura while other areas particularly the Jaintia region are deprive of such benefits.

Do we as Jaintias elect these people to fool us all over again? Each one of them are busy managing business of their own interest for personal gain, while we suffer and face the consequences.

Mr. Chief Minister and Mr. Dy. Chief Minister do also consider improving the poor health infrastructure in Jaintia hills and most of all, kindly do advise our seven MLA’s to attend to their people needs as they are all busy supporting you while at all times ignoring us.

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